Our Shared Anthem

Languages from all over the world form one strong Canadian voice. The TSO invited singers to record “O Canada” in 12 of the most commonly spoken languages nationwide.

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Partner Orchestras

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra is partnering with orchestras and ensembles across the country for an unprecedented pan-Canadian celebration. Over 40 new works—including two-minute pieces called "Sesquies"—will be co-commissioned and presented from coast to coast to coast.

Watch: “Sesquie” composers share what Canadian music means to them.

Map of Canada

Canadian Music Timeline

Innovators. Renegades. Pioneers. Canadian musicians have long punched above their weight both at home and internationally. The history of music in our country is filled with bold and surprising moments. Here are some of them.

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Canada Mosaic Concerts 2017

In 2017, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra invited you to Canada Mosaic—our national celebration of Canada’s diverse musical landscape and a Canada 150 Signature Project.

The TSO celebrated Canada’s rich musical past, present, and future through performance, education, innovation, and collaboration.

See a complete list of special performances.

Our Shared Anthem

Now’s your chance to hear our anthem sung in 12 languages. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra invited Canadians to perform “O Canada” in their mother tongues. This is our shared anthem.



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