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Welcome to Canada Mosaic!

This website is intended to highlight our nation’s distinct musical heritage and educate people across Canada, and internationally, through TSO performances, study guides, and other interactive educational resources.

You are invited to use the modules below in the classroom as a group or individual activity. Teacher lesson plans are available to supplement the interactive TSO performance videos with curriculum-based activities demonstrating Canadian music and music fundamentals.

“O Canada”

Texture and timbre: Jordan Pal Iris
Grades 1—3
Grades 4—6

Listening room: Jordan Pal Iris

Introduction to Indigenous music: T. Patrick Carrabré Inuit Games
Grades 4—6

Listening room: T. Patrick Carrabré Inuit Games

Rhythm and melody: Hemsworth “Log Driver’s Waltz”
Grades 3—6

Dynamics: Claude Champagne Danse Villageoise
Grades 1—3

Form: Vincent Ho Rejuvenation: A Taoist Journey
Grades 7—8

Listening room: Vincent Ho Rejuvenation: A Taoist Journey

Introduction to film music: DAM! The Story of Kit the Beaver
Grades 4—8

Form: Jared Miller Buzzer Beater
Grades 4—6
Grades 7-8

Canadian music timeline

Explore the TSO’s 40 “Sesquies”